Merchant Onboarding

So you're ready to start selling?

For us to get your payments underway, we’ll need you to setup a Stripe Connect account. This is what enables us to make pay outs from the check out. Please review the following documentation on how to get this setup. This process will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Step 1. Getting Started

When your ready to start selling through Driven By Dirt Marketplace, login into your account and follow this link here https://marketplace.drivenbydirt.com/my-account/stripe-connect/ to start the process.

Select the connect with Stripe button. This will redirect you to the stripe portal.

Note: You may find this process easier on a laptop or desktop pc.

Step 2. Creating your stripe account​

If you already have an account with stripe, you can simply login or you can create a new account here.

Step 3. Business Information

Once you have completed your personal information, Stripe will want to know about your business. This can be the same information that you have provided personally (unless you are trading as a business)

Select the option “Individual or Sole Trader” (Unless you are running your racing as a business or an organisation , then select the appropriate field.  Then proceed to select “I do not have an NZBN” if you are not operating as a business

Step 4. Business Details

For the Industry, select Clothing and Accessories as this is what the majority of sales will be

For the business website add https://drivenbydirt.com

Under product description: Selling racing merchandise (or equivalent)

Step 5. Providing bank account information

When inputting your bank account, remove any hyphens from your account number, otherwise the account number wont fit.

Step 6. The Final Step!

Leave the Statement descriptor as DRIVENBYDIRT.COM
Add in DBD ONLINE for the Shortend Descriptor and your contact number
The descriptor’s are what show on bank statements. 

Then Stripe will ask you to review the information, then click submit! 
Once this has been completed, we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any issues getting set up you can email [email protected] or send us a DM on Facebook.

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