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Transform your Speedway aspirations into reality with Race Car Finance. Our product is expertly designed for racers and fans in New Zealand, offering bespoke solutions for purchasing race cars, securing upgrades, and funding travel to events. Navigate your racing journey with financial clarity and confidence.

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We built our approach with you, and your time, in mind. If you’re looking for a fast application decision*, we can have an answer quick smart. Plus, at better™ there’s no need to email bank statements or copies of your ID - our smart tech does the work for you, saving you time and hassle. From our quick three-minute application, right through to transferring the funds, we’ve got your time in mind.
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We add the personal touch

We hand-picked our 20+ team with some important attributes in mind: people that love and understand finance, and folk that are driven to help our customers and ensure the process is well understood.

When you apply with better™, you’ll get a call from one of the team to discuss your application. It doesn’t take long, but in our book, it’s the most important step in making sure you get the best out of better™.

We champion better-borrowing

We're on a mission to - bit by bit - make borrowing better.
For example, one of the things we know that understandably frustrates Kiwis, is hidden fees.

Well not at better™. Like to know what you’re signing up for with no surprises? That’s how it should be. At better™ there’s just clear, transparent information about rates and costs. Because clarity, in our book, is better.


What is a vehicle loan?

Vehicle loans can be used for all types of reasons, whether it is financing the purchase of a motorbike, car, carvan, campervan, boat or even a jetski. 
A vehicle loan could also be using an existing car you own to utilize the equity within your vehicle to borrow against and achieve a must lower interest rate than a personal loan.

How does a cashraise work?

Cashraising is where you use a vehicle that you already own, and use it as security for your loan to achieve a much lower interest rate, compared to an unsecured loan. Think about it like a mortgage but secured against a car, motorbike, boat, jetski or even commercial vehicles.

Can I pay off my vehicle loan early?

Yes, the team at better are are proud of the tools they have to offer to help clients pay off their debt faster and get debt free earlier.

Some lenders will have fees and charges within their loan contracts if your loan is repaid before the term of the loan. So check the fine print before signing your contract.

Can I get a vehicle loan if I have poor credit history?

Bad credit can seem like a burden when trying to get approved. A vehicle loan does help mitigate some of the risks from a lender when providing finance as there is collateral to claim against if the loan is unpaid.

Although being offered finance is not a given, a vehicle loan does open more options when there is a vehicle to use as security. 

Can I refinance an existing vehicle loan?

Yes. You can refinance your loan to a different lender even if you have finance secured against a vehicle. 
Refinancing can be a good option to reduce your annual interest rate, saving you money in the long run and helping to pay off your debt faster.
Make sure you consider fees to repay your existing debt early, and any additional fees in securing the new finance.

In a hurry? We can have a loan-decision* fast. Or like to take your time? No problem.

From application to settlement we can move-like-lightening or as leisurely as you’d like.
*Affordability Test Applies

We built our approach with you, and your time, in mind. No more emailing bank statements or copies of IDs – our tech does the work for you, saving you time and hassle.

We don’t let the machines do all the work. One of the better™ team will give you a bell to talk through your needs. And we're just a call away for queries, big and small.